As a student, my liberal arts education gave me the freedom to explore a wide breadth of subject matter and deepened my understanding of how the artist-citizen participates in the greater social community. As an educator, I channel this philosophy into the studio by encouraging students to explore relationships between the seemingly disparate aspects of their lives and the ways various academic disciplines feed one another.  Teaching  under the umbrella of the liberal arts is a framework for relationships, resiliency and reflection.

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  • “one of the best professors I ever had, cool projects organized, an elder god and personality like string cheese indeed”

  • “By far the best class I have ever had, an atmosphere conducive to the creative process, warm welcoming supportive and open to mistakes ideas, I wish it would not end, Thanks Greg, literally the best”

  • “Dedicated and insanely helpful”

  • “You opened my eyes, one of the best art teachers I ever had”

  • “Challenging and out of the box thinking”

  • “He was very astute to student needs, yet allowed options, I will miss his attitude and encouragement”

  • “Greg!  My deer sculpture got accepted into the 2017 Biennial sculpture exhibit/art sale at Tyron Fine Arts Center. Thanks for allowing me to do it! Thank you for everything.” 

  • “Very good instructor: friendly, organized, fair, inspiring, enthusiastic, amazing, loved this course”

  • “An overwhelming library of knowledge within 3-D realm, wonderful teacher smart and supportive

  • “Awesome, Keep him here!”

  • “You outdid yourself with initiative determination willingness to work just as hard as your students; should be commended”

  • “Supercool even when I had no idea what I was doing”

  • “Hey Greg, I just wanted to take a minute and express how much I appreciate you as a teacher. You were my first art teacher since middle school and are a major reason that I am an Art Education major. Thank you for going the extra mile and pushing each student to invest themselves in their work and giving them permission to push the envelope. Thank you for giving me the courage and permission to pursue art. I hope to see you back around Spartanburg since you are such a strong source of inspiration and role model as someone who gets into the studio to get the job done. Thank you for everything and I hope we can keep in touch! “





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