Superior Solstice; Winter, Summer
2019 (SOLD)
4' x 2' x 6"
cast aluminum, bronze and reclaimed metals; collection of Bruce Nowlin,
Grand Marais, Minnesota
2019 (Available for Purchase)
8' x 5' x 1'
cast iron, reclaimed metals
Space Between the Breaths
2018 (Available for Purchase)
32" x 18" x 2"
English Yew Wood, re-claimed steel
available for purchase: Yellow Bird Gallery, Grand Marais, Minnesota
2018 (SOLD)
10' x 4' x 2'
re-purposed pipe, fabricated steel, natural grasses; Downtown Peoria, Illinois
Maurice Table; Lutsen, Minnesota
70" x 50" x 36"
Steel fabrication-Mueller Studio, Glass-Art Glass Minneapolis, Architectural millwork-J Sannerud Studios
Pod Stop
10' x 10' x 10'
DOT approved de-commissioned highway signs, steel, tires; Art Trail,
Greenwood, Indiana
Street Seat
14' x 8' x 6'
DOT approved de-commissioned highway signs, steel, tire
White River State Urban Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
Portal Parabola
14' x 8' x 8'
re-claimed architectural millwork
Spirit of my Father
7' x 2' x 2'
Cast iron molds off Father's tools
and his re-purposed workbench

Currently on Exhibition
Incubation Stations
re-claimed architectural millwork
10' x 18" x 18"
Collection of Habitat for Humanity
Prairie Ship
re-claimed agricultural metals
14' x 18' x 6'
Liberty Missouri City Hall
(photo credit Tom Giles)
Portal for the Agrarian
re-claimed agricultural metals
12' x 7' x 5'
Indiana University Sculpture Garden, Richmond, Indiana
Agrarian Place
re-claimed agricultural salvage
12' x 4' x 4'
Collection of Waterloo Center for the Arts
Waterloo, Iowa
Agrarian Stories
re-claimed agricultural metals
7'x 7' x 1'
Collection of Moore Farms Botanical Garden, Lake City, South Carolina
Silo Stories
re-claimed agricultural metals
7' x 7' x 3'
Collection of MaryEllen Fuller, South Carolina
5' x 3' x 3"
cast iron
Collection of Brad and Stephanie Mueller
Madison, WIsconsin
Holtmeier Commission
4' x 4' x 4'
cast and fabricated bronze
Collection of Patsy and John Holtmeier, Hopkins, Minnesota
Waiting Wall II
re-claimed agricultural metals
9' x 6' x 7'
Collection of Jones Carter Gallery, Lake City, South Carolina
Portal Passage
12' x 7' x 5'
re-claimed agricultural salvage
Collection of Dr. Tony Nassif, Cleveland, Ohio
Column Arch
9' x 9' x 2'
re-claimed metals, cast iron
Collection of Dr. Edward Olszewski, Cleveland, Ohio
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