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"While a city may identify with its architecture, it’s the spaces between the buildings that interest me. These canvases for artist intervention can bring surprise and wonder to these pedestrian environments, generating an atmosphere of a patio-like dialogue within the shared street infrastructure. I am willing to rebel against the ordinary, banal and mundane.  As a public artist, sitting at the cultural round-table is an essential, personal balance that makes up my artist-citizen spirit. "


Working was Greg Mueller was a true delight. He was professional, knowledgeable in his craft and a great communicator. His bike rack design, fabrication and installation was all done within the timeframe required and with expert creative execution. Greg’s final artwork exceeded all expectations and we would love to work with him on future projects.

                                                         -Katherine Nestved, City of Santa Clarita California Public Arts 


"Working with Greg has been an absolute pleasure, his attention to detail and thoughtfulness comes through in the quality of his work.  His work is a beautiful addition to our facility."

                                                                    - Joe Masiarchin, Lakeville Area Arts Center, Minnesota

"We were thrilled to work with artist Greg Mueller on Vetter Stone Plaza; the Civic Center space incorporates a topographical river metal artwork, with integrated lighting design to create a unique sense of space and visual appeal for the Mankato City Center

                                          - Noelle Lawton ISG Group Architects & Engineers, Mankato, Minnesota

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